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Administrative stuff.

That covers a lot of territory.


If you know exactly what you need help with – great! 

We’ll get on it!

But if you’re like most small business owners – you may not be quite sure where to start.  A Duck can help you figure that out, and even better – make sure it gets marked off your To-Do List . (Because it’s completed, not because we found a good eraser.)

Ducks can un-shuffle documents both paper and digital, and get you caught up on all those things that just keep piling up.  Reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, record keeping, systems, research – the list just goes on. (It’s funny how your ‘spare time’ doesn’t multiply as quickly, huh?)

But that’s okay – because a Duck can come to the rescue. That is, if you’re okay with one that’s meticulous, detail-oriented, customer-centric, and a perfectionist at-heart. (Because that’s the only kind of Duck we have.)

The fact is, we not only know the 1,001 details you have to deal with when you’re the head (and entire staff) of multiple departments. We know how to to get them all identified, organized, and out-of-your-way-Finished.

This is the place where you start to make your life just Ducky.