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Writing Services.

It’s about a lot more than typos (although that alone would give us a full-time occupation).

Yes, we admit it. Ducks are those kind of people who want to stop and correct the typos on billboards that we drive by. We also wish we could fix store signage and brochures, vote for stronger grammar laws, and make misspellings more than a social misdemeanor.

On the other hand, that is exactly the type of person you should want to write for your business.

How you present yourself with the written word is critical to your customers’ perception of whether or not your company pays attention to details. When everything is well-written, clear, and correct – buyers focus on your product. When it’s not – and filled with badly-written copy, grammar faux-pas, and unedited content – they wonder what else you might have missed. We see it every day, and each time we cringe to know that a business probably just lost a customer through a careless blunder.

It affects everything from business proposals and correspondence to brochures, store signage, website content, online presence, and anything with words that will find its way in front of a potential customer for your business. Trust us, it makes a difference. A. Big. HUGE. Difference.

Ducks are Writers. More importantly, Ducks will take the time to know and understand precisely what you want to write about, and then we make you sound brilliant. It’s a gift. (Sometimes a curse, too.)

It’s okay – you can Pass the Duck. The credit belongs to you.