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How do you want the world to see your business?

As you’ve probably noticed, there are about 20 gajillion ways to market your company – because you’ve probably been contacted by that many advertising salespeople. After awhile, the options seem endless and you can despair of finding the best way to spend your advertising and marketing dollars to get the most bang for your buck.


That’s why it’s critical to identify the best avenues to pursue and create a marketing strategy, timeline, and budget that works best for your business.


But it’s not all just about advertising. In fact, there are many cost-effective (or even no-cost) ways to promote your brand you may have never even considered. The first thing you have to do, though, is make sure your brand is clear and consistent (and that’s about more than just a logo). Office Ducks digs into those details and creates a branding strategy with you – and then we think outside the box (what – there’s a box?!) – to help you identify creative ways of getting buzz.